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Business Law

You don’t have to operate a big business to employ a business lawyer. Even if you operate a small business, you can benefit from the services provided by a business lawyer. A business attorney is a valuable proposition to any business as he or she can help address several legal concerns that the business will eventually face. Whether it is a business formation concern, local taxes, trademark issue or a copyright issue, a business lawyer can help you solve such issues quite easily. That’s why you need to consult a reputed and experienced business lawyer on the market.

With hundreds of such lawyers out there, how will you choose the right one for the job? That’s where your research is important. You should perform extensive research before choosing the right lawyer on the market. It will save you a lot of time and money in the process. There are several methods of picking the right candidate for the project. Personal referrals from someone you trust are the best in this regard. On the other hand, if you don’t get a referral from someone you trust, you can always consult the Internet when finding the best business lawyer.

Tenant Dispute Law

Most tenants face different issues. Some of these issues are easy to resolve. However, there are some issues that are hard to resolve and they can make it hard for you to enjoy your rental. Hiring a tenant dispute lawyer is the most effective and the cheapest way to protect yourself from some of these issues.

It is important to know your rights as a tenant. And if you find yourself in one of the situations below, consider hiring a tenant dispute lawyer.

1. Eviction

Your landlord may serve you a termination notice. So, if you intend to fight it, hiring a lawyer can increase your chance of success. Hire a lawyer who has several years of experience in landlord-tenant law and has fought several evictions successfully. Why? Such lawyers come up with creative solutions and effective strategies that you may not know.

2. Court Eviction Procedures

State and local law set forth eviction procedures that all landlords must follow. However, there are landlords that take matters into their own hands by evicting their tenants. For example, they cancel their tenant’s utilities, they lock them out, or they remove their possessions. If your landlord is trying to evict you illegally, hire a lawyer. Landlords do not have the right to threaten or take actions against you.

3. Discrimination

There are some landlords that discriminate against their tenants. If your landlord discriminates against you, a lawyer can help recover damages for the harm you have suffered and a lawyer can stop illegal actions against you. Also, a lawyer investigates your complaints to prove that your landlord has been discriminating against you. The judge imposes penalties against your landlord if the landlord has been discriminating against you.

4. Necessary Repairs

All landlords must fulfill important obligations under the law and your lease. By the way, there are some important obligations that can lead to major problems. And your landlord must do all the necessary repairs. For example, if your heating system is not working, your landlord may avoid doing the necessary heating system repairs. You will never enjoy living in that home. Consulting a tenant dispute lawyer is the best move.

5. Injuries and Illness

Accidents happen, even if the property is well maintained. However, there are accidents that happen because of the carelessness of the landlord. Landlords must make sure that their buildings are safe. For example, if there is an outbreak of mold in your building, it can make you or your family very ill. If you get injured or become ill because of your landlord’s carelessness, you have a case. So, hire a lawyer.

6. Damages

If your landlord does not maintain your building, it can cause damages to your personal items. For example, faulty wiring can spark an electrical fire in your kitchen, damaging your furniture and other items. Renter’s insurance covers the loss, so insurance provider’s lawyers will seek reimbursement from the landlord. However, if you do not have adequate insurance cover, hire a lawyer to seek reimbursement from your landlord.

You now know when to hire a Denver tenant dispute lawyer.

Criminal Defense Law

There are times when the police make an error when arresting a suspect. Even though these types of arrests are rare, they can happen. If it happens that you have been arrested and charged for something that you did not do then it is important to contact a criminal defense lawyer. You may think that you do not need the services of this type of lawyer but you should consider the alternatives.

The alternatives could be that you are tried, convicted and sent to prison for a long period of time. It is a lot harder to appeal a false conviction as opposed to getting off from false charges in the beginning. Besides, when you think about what could happen if you were sent to prison then it makes sense to hire a qualified criminal defense lawyer.

A criminal defense lawyer is someone who has been trained in all aspects of criminal law. When you hire a criminal defense lawyer who is also experienced then you will receive the best defense possible. It is simply a matter of calling an attorney with your mandatory “one call” after being arrested.

If you are not able to leave the jail then the attorney will visit you in your cell. He will go over all of the facts that you relate to him and make a plan and how to proceed.

Family Law & Divorce

There is nothing as sad as a divorce. It is especially sad if children are involved. It is sometimes difficult to understand how a husband and wife who once dearly loved each other could now be in this type of position. Unfortunately, these things do occur and in fact more than 50% of marriages end up in divorce in the United States.

It would be great if both parties could amicably decide what to do with the assets and the children. However, the reality is that this type of situation is usually wrought with hatred and negative emotions. It seems that even though the parents are the ones that are getting the divorce and suffering from the proceedings it is the children who truly suffer. There are many cases where children of divorces suffer long-term, emotional issues.

What can make a divorce go as smooth as possible is if each member of the marriage retains the services of a capable family law attorney. A family law lawyer is someone who can bring calm to this type of situation by providing each of the spouses with good legal counsel and advice. Couples who try to do the divorce proceedings on their own will usually complicate the issue and this will be especially true if there are children involved.

Important Divorce Tips

Anyone facing a divorce could use a few tips. Most individuals, especially those divorcing for the first time have no idea what they’re getting into and even a small mistake can be costly. Divorce is a legal procedure that needs a family law attorney  if you want to go through it unscathed. As soon as divorce becomes a possibility, it’s important to consult an excellent lawyer to ensure that you’re prepared from the start.

That being said, here are a few helpful tips for a divorce:

Keep Your Emotions Out of The Process

Perhaps the biggest mistake people make is failing to have a clear and logical mind when undergoing a divorce. Yes, you are angry and hurt, but you need to put those feelings aside when the divorce process begins. This is perhaps the most important divorce tip.

Stay in Control and Use Common Sense

This goes along with the previous tip. When making decisions, use your head and try not to lose control. If it helps, just take a step back and attempt to approach the situation like an outsider.

Get It In Writing

When you agree on decisions, have them in writing and ensure there’s a witness or two. This eliminates the ‘he said, she said’ arguments from coming up down the road.

Beware of What You Do on Record

Do not send nasty emails or leave scathing messages on the answering machine. Such might come back to haunt you. Keep it cordial or do not say it at all.

Protect your Credit

Divorce can be pretty tricky in regards to money. As soon as there’s the mention of the term divorce, check your credit and monitor it for any changes. It is ideally a smart idea to close any joint accounts and then reopen them as individual accounts.